Organ, Tissue Donors and Their Families Honored During April

Jeremy R. Voris, tissue donor from Windsor, Illinois.

Remembering Jeremy Voris, Tissue Donor from Windsor


The month of April has been designated as National Donate Life Month and Gift of Hope uses the month as an opportunity to celebrate the lives of organ and tissue donors through campaigns and online events. This year’s more digital approach was in response to COVID-19 restrictions.

Gift of Hope put the News Banner in touch with Ashley Voris of Windsor who shared her late-husband, Jeremy Voris’s story. Jeremy was a father of two and an active member of his community who was dedicated to helping others, according to Ashley, and even in his passing, continued to give back. “His entire life was based around public service,” she said.

Jeremy was involved in an automobile accident and passed away on August 17, 2018 from his injuries at only 44-years-old. Jeremy was registered as an organ donor, but due to the severity of his injuries, was only able to donate tissue, which included corneas. According to Ashley, three people were able to receive tissue from Jeremy.

Ashley said that she was not at all surprised that her husband was a donor since he had always given back to others during his life. “He had a heart the size of Texas and his work showed that,” she told the News Banner, “He was a 20 plus year firefighter, paramedic, and he went on a mission trip to Haiti where he provided medical support in an orphanage and even provided medical transport for a pastor who had been shot.”

Despite the devastating loss his family felt when he passed, Ashley said she has found some comfort in knowing that Jeremy’s life is still serving others. “When we lost him, it was so tragic for our family, but knowing that there are parts of him still out there, that helps,” Ashley said, “And also knowing that he’s still making an impact and improving lives is a really good feeling.”

Ashley said she completely supported his decision to be a donor and added, “Something good came out of this tragedy and that took me a long time to say, but it’s true.”

According to Ashley, donors, families, and recipients can keep in touch through Gift of Hope. She has heard from two of the three recipients who received tissue from Jeremy and she hopes that she will soon hear from the third recipient who received his corneas.

Ashley said, “If you have the ability to give, you may want to consider it because you really could improve the life of someone else.”

Gift of Hope Organ & Tissue Donor Network

Gift of Hope Organ & Tissue Donor Network is a not-for-profit organization (OPO) that coordinates organ and tissue donation in Illinois and northwest Indiana. We work with 180 hospitals serving 12 million people and 9 transplant programs in our donation service area. Register to become an organ and tissue donor at Gift of Hope or by texting COMMIT to 51555.


  1. Dean Hite on May 3, 2021 at 6:34 pm

    Amazing!! Jeremy for sure had a heart of gold and we help anyone in need as Ashley’s mentioned!! Thanks for sharing such a heart warming story about wonderful man!!

  2. Julianne on May 3, 2021 at 8:16 pm

    I am so very sorry for your loss of your husband. I lost my son the day before in Chicago, and he was also able to donate. The sorrow of his death is somewhat softened in the knowledge that he lives on in many others. God Bless our heroes!

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