St. Elmo Library District Announces Logo Design Winner

Cassie Newburn’s winning logo that was selected to represent the St. Elmo Public Library District. Her design was created using acrylic pain on canvas.



Cassie Newburn of St. Elmo was named the winner of the St. Elmo Public Library District logo design contest when her creation was selected through blind-judging by the Library Board at their April meeting.

A winning logo was originally going to be selected at the District’s Board meeting on Jan. 14, but the all-ages contest was decidedly extended due to a lack of submissions by the Dec. 31 deadline. Participants were required to submit a hand-drawn, or computer-designed, 3”x5” logo to represent the Library District, which encompasses the St. Elmo, Brownstown, and Beecher City branches.

Cassie is a homeschooled high school student in a more rural part of the St. Elmo Community. She is a patron of the Library District and has also volunteered at some of the after school and Summer Reading programs at the St. Elmo Public Library as well as the Brownstown Branch Library. Cassie has a passion for art and has been selling some of her artwork on her RoseWater Creations Facebook page.

Cassie’s winning logo features a red book with gold trim flying through fluffy, white, clouds in a blue sky, alongside a flock of birds. She created her original design using acrylic paint on canvas. The painting was then scanned onto a computer where the bordering text was added to create the full logo image.

In addition to the honor of having her logo selected to be used to represent the Library District, Cassie also received a $100 cash prize.

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