Altamont’s Third Grade Philanthropist is at it Again

Jonah Jansen spending time with his pup, Fergie. Jonah’s family adopted Fergie from EARS.


Jonah Jansen Presents: No Better Option than Adoption


Jonah Jansen, organizer of Fostering Christmas One Toy at a Time, has returned to his front-yard lemonade stand; this time, to raise money for Effingham Animal Rescue Sanctuary (EARS).

Last October, eight-year-old Jonah partnered with Caritas Family Solutions in Effingham to help ensure that children in foster care receive Christmas presents. For several months, leading up to Christmas, Jonah sold lemonade and hot cocoa and collected monetary donations as well as toys for less-fortunate children. He manned his stand nearly everyday the weather allowed for him to be outside. Last year, he told the News Banner, “I just want my wish to come true so that every kid can have a wonderful Christmas.”

Fostering Christmas was such a success that transporting the donated gifts required multiple truckloads.

Jonah is again outside almost daily, waving at passers-by and running his lemonade stand. He started up the stand early last week.

“It’s my mission to help my furry friends live their best lives, which means we have to find them homes with their forever families,” says Jonah, “I’m setting out on a journey to raise money to sponsor the cost of adoptions for cats and dogs at Effingham Animal Rescue Sanctuary (EARS).  I’m a young guy, but I have big dreams! I know that with a little help from my community, I can achieve what I’ve set out to do.”

This is not the first time young Jonah has raised money for EARS. According to his mother, Reyna Weikert, he collected $1,050 for the organization last summer. Additionally, Jonah’s family dog, Fergie; and two cats, Ash and Nala, all came from EARS.

Jonah says that he will be raising money at his stand on Main Street, but also plans to hold fun events on the weekends to “raise additional donations and keep supporters happy.”

For the drive, Jonah is collecting donations to fill large gift baskets for dogs and cats. Specifically, he is seeking new toys, grooming supplies, collars, leashes, harnesses, litter, scratching posts, bowls, beds, blankets, and gift cards to pet stores. Any donated items can be dropped off, or mailed, to 106 S. Main St. Altamont, IL. 62411. The same address is where Jonah’s lemonade stand is located.

The stand will be open the following weeks, with times to-be-decided: April 16-22, April 30-May 6, and May 14-20. For more information about No Better Option than Adoption, contact Reyna Weikert at (812) 902-8121.

“To the world you may just be one person, but to one animal, you may be the world,” says Jonah.

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