Dozens of Children Participate in St. Elmo Easter Festivities

Jonathan Brackette receives eggs from the Easter Bunny during the Drive-thru Egg Hunt at Aperion Care in St. Elmo.


Warm and sunny weather on Saturday, April 3, made for a great Easter Eve as St. Elmo children gathered for several fun-filled holiday events throughout the City.

The days events began with an Easter egg drive-thru at Aperion Care which took place from 9 a.m. to 11 a.m. The Easter Bunny was onsite to help pass out goodies to the children and pose with those who wanted photos. Helping the Rabbit, was Aperion’s Director of Business Development, Carol Brockett. The eggs were filled by Aperion staff and a resident who helped make the event possible. The Easter Bunny told the News Banner, “It made us so happy to see people out and about, enjoying life again.”

From left, Christian and Aubree Crum pose with the Easter Bunny at Aperion Care in St. Elmo.

Brocket added, “ We’re so happy that so many families came out.” According to her, the left over eggs were going to be passed out to the Aperion residents.

Between noon and 2 p.m., the Easter Bunny graciously payed a visit to the Centennial Building in the Saint Elmo Community Park. Richard Baron was on hand to photograph children, families, and pets at the well-attended event. Several activities were available for those waiting. A jar holding 245 jellybeans mixed with other candies sat inside the door for people to guess the number of pieces within. The winner, Kylan Barns of Mason, guessed closest at 255 jellybeans, and won the stuffed bunny prize. Other activities included, decorating foam bunny Easter basket markers, and making fruit loop bracelets. Fruit loops are a favorite special snack for the rabbits on the north side of Saint Elmo. In keeping with the rabbit theme, a chalkboard sign reading “bunnies love veggies” was flanked by water bottles and trays of raw vegetables.

Finally, the St. Elmo Lion’s Club held their annual Easter Egg Hunt at 2 p.m. This year’s hunt was held at Deken Park and was the first year that the event took place on a Saturday; it would have taken place on a Saturday last year, had it not been for the pandemic. The Lions hid 1,000 eggs for the area children.

Friends show off their loot after the St. Elmo Lion’s Club Egg Hunt at Deken Park.

Dozens of children came out to hunt eggs and were divided up by age and grade. The first section was reserved for 1, 2, and 3-year-olds; the second section was reserved for ages 4, 5, and kindergarten; the third section was first, second, and third grade; the final section was fourth, fifth, and sixth grade.

Happiness and laughter were not in short-supply, as many of the children, and parents, shared their enthusiasm about being able to attend Easter events this year.

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