Brownstown Woman Sets up Foundation, Business In Vandalia



A Brownstown native has returned to the area to start a business and a non-profit foundation to help COVID patients, vets, and others who may need a helping hand.

Jacquelyn “Jax” Grace, has recently moved back to the area to start the Purpose of Grace concierge, which was officially incorporated last Tuesday, Feb. 9. She is also the chairman of Purpose of Grace Foundation and is a 2010 graduate of Brownstown High School.

The concierge is a consulting organization, helping clients in a variety of specialties – housekeeping, administration, event planning and coordination, bartending, house sitting, dog watching, tutoring, life coaching, yoga, meditation, meal preparation consulting – just to name a few. Grace also offers door dash or delivery services.

“If there is a service someone needs, we will do it, or find them someone who can,” Grace said of the business. “This is the stuff I do everyday. I wanted to combine everything I do into one business.”

This has been a dream of Grace’s which has been in the process of fruition for about two years.

After graduation, Grace says she tried the college route, but that just did not work out for her. When she was able, Grace began bartending, and went down in the Carbondale area. After that she moved to Virginia and was at Ohio College for a short while. After the stint at the college, Grace worked for Blue Cross/Blue Shield in the Quincy area before relocating to St. Charles.

“The coronavirus impacted me financially and I just felt like I was on a hamster wheel,” Grace said, having moved from the St. Charles area in October.”I decided I did not want to be on government funding and decided to do something about it. I wanted to make the dream official.”

Currently, Grace is serving as a promotional specialist for musicians, including area talents Drew Schafer and Soul, and Cody Bumgardner.

Last Thursday, Feb. 11, Grace held her first charitable event, a COVID-19 relief benefit at the Vandalia Moose, which featured a chili dinner and a silent auction. Although the weather did not cooperate, Grace considers the event a success, especially through many donations from many local businesses.

In order to facilitate getting the help to those who need it, Grace says she plans on working with local police and fire departments to get the names of those who need aid. She says she will concentrate on those needing help in the Vandalia, Highland, St. Charles, and Wentzville areas. The foundation is a not-for-profit organization, she says, and has its own monetary account. She plans for it to have a board of directors to make decisions on who will receive help.

In the future, we won’t be announcing the recipients due to privacy issues, but we will be working with a variety of banks, both locally, and probably Wells Fargo in the larger cities. Those wishing to make donations to the charity may do so by dropping off their contributions at one of the participating banks she added.

But just who has inspired her in her life to enable her to make this altruistic move?

“Dr. Jordan Peterson is my biggest influence, with his 12 Steps to Life. More locally, my grandfather, Ronnie Howard, of Vandalia, has taught me a lot of life lessons. He also taught me how to talk to people,” she said.

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