The Skin Refinery Named Final Business of the Month for 2020


The Altamont Chamber of Commerce selected The Skin Refinery to receive the Business Spotlight of the Month for December 2020. The business offers relaxing and empowering treatments to their clients, including; spa treatments, facials, advanced skin care treatments, nail services, and more. “BE BOLD. BE BEAUTIFUL. BE ICONIC.,” reads the headline of their business’s Facebook page.

The Skin Refinery staff consists of four experienced professionals who all have their own area of expertise; Crystal Sphar, Linda Siemer, Kara Curtis, and Rusti Cattrell. Sphar is an esthetician with eight years of experience in the field.  Siemer is a Nurse Practitioner who is responsible for injections, medical grade peels, and other advanced skin care treatments. She has 20 years of experience. Curtis and Cattrell both work as nail technicians, providing services, such as; manicures and pedicures. Curtis has 5 years of experience and Cattrell has one year experience.

Owned by Sphar, The Skin Refinery has been operating at their current location at 108 N. 3rd Street in Altamont since January of 2020. Sphar says that despite Altamont being a smaller city, business is booming, with people traveling to receive treatments from the spa. She cites affordability and quality of the treatments as being main reasons for their success.

“Our mission is to always go above and beyond industry expectations to provide professional, high quality, services to everyone within and outside of our community,” says Sphar of the business, “We want to make people feel good about themselves, inside and out, and to make sure that we do everything we can to accommodate the needs of our clients.”

Sphar’s interest in skin care; prevention and correction, sparked when she was in her early 30s. She received her education from Lake Land College and studied in Chicago. The most rewarding part of her job, according to Sphar, is that it is an “emotionally rewarding profession”. She says that making people look good also makes them feel good; which in turn, makes her feel good. “It’s happiness for all,” she says.

Sphar and Siemer will sometimes work together to come up with treatment plans for their clients based on the client’s unique needs. “My passion is treating the skin conditions of my clients, with a special focus on anti-aging or ‘aging gracefully’, says Sphar, “With all of the advancements in skin care, there is much to be learned.”  According to Sphar, continued education is so necessary with skin care because the industry advances very quickly. She also notes that she is a big believer in staying up to date with the industry, in all professions, in order to stay on top of the game. The Skin Refinery is rolling out new treatments in 2021.

The business was closed for three months during the COVID pandemic, but they are now open for business and always accepting new clients. You can find their Facebook page, called The Skin Refinery, at You can also reach them by phone at 618-881-0055. They operate by appointment only Tuesday through Friday.

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