Letter from Fayette County Health Department: First COVID-19 Death in Congregate Facility

On this Easter Sunday, I regret to inform you, of our first COVID–19 confirmed death. Our deepest condolences to the family.

Patient was female, in her nineties and lived in a congregate facility.

Current total: 70 people tested, 11 people confirmed positive, and one death.

There are six confirmed positive cases related to this same congregate facility and one death which is reflected in today’s data.

Those at high risk:

  • 65 years or older
  • History of obesity, smoking, diabetes, heart, liver, kidney, lung or other immunocompromising disease
  • Living or working in a congregate facility of any type

Do your part:

  • People are contagious up to 14 days before feeling ill with this virus.
  • Stay home, leave only if absolutely necessary, then practice social distancing.
  • All are encouraged to wear masks in public (same as we encourage hand washing, not touching your face, practicing six feet of social distance, no different).
  • False negatives are possible. Treat yourself and all others as if you have this highly contagious virus.
  • Many stores report customers are coming in often, to buy only non-essential items, such as lottery tickets and soda. Please refrain.
  • Take care of yourself and boost your immune system through adequate sleep, stress management, healthy diet and exercise.

It is important that we as Fayette County residents all do our part to slow the spread of this disease. We cannot control the virus but we can control how it spreads.


Thank you,

Melissa Storck, RN MBA CCM ACM







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