Altamont Tops North Clay in Third Conference Win Jan. 23


The Indians brought their conference record to 3-0 on Thursday, Jan. 23, thanks to a 56-40 win over North Clay; their record improved to 16-3 overall, placing them in good shape for last week’s NTC conference tournament.

The boys trailed somewhat at the start of the game, picking up ten points to North Clay’s 12 by the close of the first period; North Clay’s three-point game kept them ahead early in the competition. Aidan Jahraus, still recuperating from an injury earlier in the season, logged three two-pointers and a three in the period, with Noah Teasley nabbing a point from a free throw.

The Indians’ defense locked North Clay out of those three-pointers in the second quarter, though, allowing only two shots from the court (though North Clay also attempted, and missed, two free throws). Meanwhile, Denver Duckwitz put away a couple of twos, as Teasley and Jahraus picked up another one each. Noah Klimpel sunk a shot from behind the arc, making 11 points for the period and placing Altamont at a 21-16 lead at halftime.

Coming back after the half, the boys picked up a spate of twos, opening up their lead to 39-27 by the start of the fourth quarter. Klimpel made the team’s only three for the period as well as a two, while Teasley sunk a couple of two-pointers. Duckwitz, Kaden Eirhart, Jerod Ruffner, and Jared Kollmann all posted two-pointers, Duckwitz also logging a free throw.

Closing the game, Jahraus returned to form with another three two-pointers, as Duckwitz logged a three and a pair of free throws. Eirhart made a two and another two free throws, and Teasley nabbed one more two, bringing the team to 17 points in the period.

Jahraus was the top scorer of the game with 17 points total, having made seven two-pointers and a three. Duckwitz, scoring 12 points, was credited with three twos, a three, and three-for-three free throws. Teasley made nine points from four two-pointers and one-for-two free throws, and Klimpel’s one two, two threes raked in eight points. Eirhart made a two-pointer and two-for-two free throws for six points; Kollmann and Ruffner were credited with a two-pointer each.

The boys played this week at the NTC tournament—scores from the week will be available in next week’s Altamont News.

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