Lady Indians Fall in Home Shootout; CIC Takes Bulk of NTC/CIC Clash Wins


Basketball fans were in for a treat last Saturday, Jan. 18, when Altamont welcomed the rest of the NTC girls basketball teams, as well as the eight teams of the CIC, for the second annual Altamont Shootout.

Game One: Dieterich 58, Shelbyville 72

The CIC took its first win over the NTC when, bright and early, Dieterich took on Shelbyville. The Movin’ Maroons trailed for the whole game, down by 14 points at the end of the first quarter and down 20 at halftime, eventually taking a 58-72 loss. This game’s top scorer, Shelbyville shooter Wade, picked up a stunning 29 points with 11 twos and a pair of threes; Dieterich’s top scorer, Bloemer, picked up 15 points, with Boerngen’s 14 points close behind.

Game Two: South Central 50, Meridon 24

Shortly after Dieterich’s loss, the NTC took its first win when South Central topped Meridon, 50-24. They took an early lead and were up 28-10 by halftime, having allowed only two points to Meridon, both free throws, in the second period. By the end of the match, eight of the ten players on South Central’s roster had posted scores, all of them including shots from the court.

Game Three: WSS 36, Warrensburg-Latham 31

Warrensburg-Latham held Windsor/Stewardson-Strasburg’s feet to the fire in the third game, tailing them closely for the entire game; eventually, though, the NTC racked up another win when WSS closed the game five up, 36-31. They had expanded their lead from a mere 4-3 in the first to 15-12 at halftime, expanding to a five point lead by the end of the third and holding steady to the end of the game. WSS’s top scorer, H. Hayes, picked up 12 points, with Nichols shooting 11 points.

Game Four: Neoga 60, Clinton 65

Neoga couldn’t open a lead in the top of the fourth game, and trailed close behind CIC’s Clinton until eventually falling 60-65, leaving the two conferences evenly matched, 2-2, halfway through the Shootout. Neoga did, however, have the best period of the game, cleaning up 20 points in the fourth quarter, eight of those points from free throws. Their top player, Titus, made 18 points, though Clinton’s best, Cyrwik, picked up 33 points after sinking 13 twos and seven free throws.

Game Five: North Clay 47, Central A&M 67

Close games were a thing of the past by the fifth match: Central A&M picked up a win over North Clay, 47-67, tipping the Shootout in the CIC’s favor. North Clay opened the game trailing slightly, 10-15, but had been left in the dust by the end of the half, when they were 21-39. North Clay did, however, have the game’s highest scoring player—Lovett picked up 26 points from five twos, two threes, and ten of 15 attempted free throws, beating out Central A&M’s top scorer, Reed, by nine.

Game Six: CHBC 42, Tuscola 46

Cowden-Herrick/Beecher City took a slight lead in the first period, but Tuscola snatched it back and drove through the end of game six, claiming CIC’s fourth win along with their own 42-46 victory. Key in Tuscola’s success was Tabeling, a starter who picked up 24 points, though her three-point game was matched by CHBC’s Burks, who picked up three points, a two, and four free throws for 15 points on the Bobcats’ record.

Game Seven: BSE 40, St. Teresa 43

Brownstown/St. Elmo fought well against St. Teresa, despite trailing them for most of game seven. Wilhour, a shooter who broke into the 1,000-point club as a junior and already signed to Parkland as of late 2019, claimed the lion’s share of SEB’s points with 30, shooting five twos, five threes, and five of her six attempted free throws. She beat out St. Teresa’s top scorer, Newbon, by six points, and was the only Lady Bomber to shoot any three-pointers.

Game Eight: Altamont 53, Sullivan 67

Late in the evening, the Lady Indians, current titans of the NTC conference, took on Sullivan. 19-3 Altamont certainly hoped to tip the shootout’s balance back in the NTC’s favor, but eventually fell 53-67. By halftime they were down eight points, 23-31, and couldn’t break neck-and-neck in period scoring for the rest of the game.

Altamont’s top scorer for the night was Brooke Runge, who made 26 points from five twos, four threes, and four-for-six free throws. Allyson Hardiek shot 14 points with six twos and one-for-three free throws; Ellie McManaway made 12 points with five twos and two-for-three free throws. Rachel Jackman put up one two-pointer in the third quarter.

The loss against Sullivan brought the Lady Indians to 19-4 on the season, 6-0 in the NTC (only Neoga remains on the conference game schedule, Feb. 3). They appeared during the week at the NTC tournament in Beecher City, and will play tonight, Jan. 28, in Teutopolis.

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