Altamont Drops Game Against Woodlawn, 54-74, on Jan. 11


Despite leading in the first period of the game, the Indians fell in their sixteenth game, 54-74 to Woodlawn on their home court.

Kaden Eirhart was back on his game to start the match, putting up two three-pointers in the first period, while Noah Teasley scored a three, a two, and one free throw. Jerod Ruffner and Aidan Jahraus both chipped in with a two-pointer apiece. Thanks to these four starters, the Indians were in good shape at the end of the first quarter, 16-12.

Woodlawn took a lead by the end of the half, though, going to the bench with a 25-30 score gap. In the second period, the Indians only put up nine points—five from Eirhart, with a two and a three, and a pair of twos from Jahraus.

Coming back from halftime, the boys handled Woodlawn’s defense about as well, picking up nine more points from the court, though they also picked up a few free throws credited to Jahraus. Meanwhile, Woodlawn got scores on the board from five players, racking up 19 points before the opening of the fourth quarter. In this period, Jahraus made two two-pointer and a three on top of those two free throws, and Teasley made another two-pointer.

Woodlawn had a stunning fourth quarter. The Indians made their best record of the game, too, though with only 18 points posted to Woodlawn’s 25, they would not come back to their lead. Jahraus was credited with three two-pointers and four free throws, while Eirhart and Ruffner both made a two and two free throws.

Jahraus emerged as the team’s lead scorer, though two Woodlawn players out scored him in turn. His 25 points came from eight twos, a three, and six-for-six free throws. Eirhart made 15 points, posting two twos, three threes, and two-for-three free throws. Ruffner and Teasley made six points each, Ruffner with two two-pointers and two-for-three free throws, and Teasley with two twos, a three, and one-for-two free throws.

Following the game at Woodlawn, the Indians were 14-2, 2-0 in NTC play.

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