One Cent Tax Passes in Fayette County; Brownstown Ends Liquor Sales Prohibition







Voters across Fayette county turned out for consolidated elections on Tuesday, April 2, electing a number of incumbent officials alongside some key newcomers.

One Cent Tax Passes

With nearly 60 percent of all Fayette county voters agreeing with the measure, the County Schools Occupation Tax (or County Schools Facilities Sales Tax, or one-cent tax) has passed, giving area schools a new way to bring in much-needed revenue to support buildings and facilities. Some 1,840 voters voted “yes” for a total of 59.53 percent of the vote, while 1,226 (39.66 percent) voted “no.” In Effingham county, the same measure was voted down, with 54.58 percent of voters voting “no.”

Brownstown Moves to End Liquor Sales Prohibition

88 voters in Brownstown changed the fate of the village’s liquor sales, voting “no” on a measure to continue the prohibition of sale of liquor. These voters made up 65.19 percent of those responding to the question on their ballots, as opposed to the 47 voters (34.79 percent) who voted “yes,” to continue the sales prohibition.

Aldermen, Village Trustees Elected

St. Elmo welcomes two returning City Board members back, along with one newcomer. James Russell, appointed to the City Board in February of this year, was elected as alderman for Ward One with 22 votes, 75.86 percent of respondents, while incumbent Rick Mills (47 votes, 92.16 percent) was elected as alderman in Ward Three. In Ward Two, Jordan Mahon was elected in an unopposed run, taking 45 votes and 83.33 percent of responses.

In Brownstown, three village trustees were elected: Melissa Willms (116 votes, 85.93 percent) for an unexpired two-year term, and Nikki Sidwell (101 votes, 74.81 percent) and William Lytle III (98 votes, 72.59 percent) for full terms.

Incumbents, One Newcomer on School Boards

All three candidates for St. Elmo’s school board were elected: two incumbents reappointed to their previous seats, and one newcomer elected to fill a vacant seat. Jared Stine (256 votes, 74.42 percent of voters) and Shannon Moss (265 votes, 77.03 percent) were reelected, while Joshua Fulk (260 votes, 75.58 percent) was elected to fill a seat left vacant since Mindy Healy’s exit from the Board in early 2019.

Additionally, three incumbent members of the Brownstown Board of Education were re-elected for four-year terms: Board vice president Don Bloemker (260 votes, 67.01 percent), as well as Kent Kistler (68.3 percent) and John Schaub (287 votes, 73.97 votes).

Park and Library Districts Report Results

Two St. Elmo library trustees were elected—Cathy Arnold (391 votes, 68.24 percent) and Sue Hord (407 votes, 71.03 percent)—as well as two St. Elmo park commissioners, Karen Wegscheid (155 votes, 68.89 percent) and Bradley Davis (147 votes, 65.33 percent). In Brownstown, Michelle Baker (316 votes, 82.94 percent) was elected for a full four-year term as a park commissioner, while Donald Lovett (293 votes, 76.9 percent) was elected for an unexpired two-year term.

Total ballots cast for St. Elmo and Brownstown-area polling locations are as follows:

Avena: 225 ballots

Otego: 244 ballots

Sefton: 122 ballots

Wheatland: 80 ballots



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