Dieterich Bank Invests in St. Elmo with New Building



Having served the community of St. Elmo since 2015 in a temporary building, Dieterich Bank finally has a permanent branch location here in St. Elmo.

The new branch is officially open as of Monday, Feb. 5, 2018. The brand new building is located at 423 E. Cumberland Road, right next to the Dollar General. This replaces the office that sat at 222 W. Cumberland Road, which was a temporary building rented from a company that rents specifically to banks for temporary use. Dieterich Bank had always planned on moving into a more permanent location since they first opened the St. Elmo branch in 2015.

Although it is a new building, customers can expect the same great service. “We were a full service bank before, but now we can serve out customers even better in this new location,” said Julie Pryor, branch manager.

Dieterich Bank will still continue to offer the many various types of accounts and loans as they always have. But the new location has the addition of safety deposit boxes. Currently there are 64 boxes at the new branch, but they have the ability to add more if there is the demand for them.

The new branch also features drive thru service and an outside ATM. A beautiful new LED marquee sits on the east edge of the property near the branch entrance.

The St. Elmo branch is one of eight Dieterich Bank branches with the corporate offices being located in Effingham. The company has been serving the area for over 108 years. The St. Elmo branch has six full time employees, most of whom are originally from the St. Elmo community.

When asked why there was a need for a new building, Pryor responded, “We have been growing over the past three years. We simply needed more space to serve our customers.”

Plans for the new building began back in 2015 and was a collaborative effort between corporate and the employees at the local branch.

“Everything was ran by me, and I felt like my opinion was really valued in planning this new building,” said Pryor. Ground was broke on the new building back in July of 2017.

As far as the actually moving, it was a bit of a process, but went rather smoothly according to Pryor. Equipment and office materials were slowly moved over little by little over a period of time. Last Friday, the temporary branch was closed at noon to finish moving everything over including the cash on hand. Illinois State Police officers escorted the cash between the branches to ensure its proper handling. Corporate sent a couple of workers as well as an IT expert to set up the computer systems in the new building. But much of the work of moving desks, files, etc. was done by the local employees.

Of course building a brand new state of the art building like this is not cheap. But Dieterich Bank is proud to invest in the St. Elmo community. “The people in St. Elmo make this community great. The relationships we build with the customers makes it a great community to work in. And Dieterich Bank cares about the community and wants to be involved,” said Pryor.

Stop by the new branch today to check out the new facility as well as everything Dieterich Bank has to offer.

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