Milleville Joins Council; No Halloween Parade This Year


Dan Milleville took the official oath of office to become the Parks & Cemetery Commissioner for the city of Altamont during the city council meeting last Monday, Oct. 9.

In getting started, Milleville reported that he has been visiting the parks around town, trying to get himself acclimated better with the parks and where any ongoing projects are at. He also was able to speak with former commissioner Nathan Scholes to get caught up and ensure a smooth transition.

It was reported that there will be no Halloween parade this year in Altamont. In past years, the Masons that held the event on the Saturday morning prior to Halloween. Due to rising insurance costs and a decline in support for the parade, it will not be held this year.

Altamont is not the only city in the area with issues surrounding Halloween Parades. In Vandalia, new regulations prevent candy from being thrown from vehicles during the parade.

In official city business, several ordiances and resolutions were passed. First, the council approved an ordinance to zoning amendment in regards to a property at 409 South Third St. The property will now be zoned as SR2 when it was previously considered B3 because it touches two businesses, the motel and laundry mat.

The council also passed a resolution to regulate employee use of equipment. The city wants to limit employee use of equipment outside of city limits.

A payment in the amount of $31,157.90 was approved to Effingham Asphalt for work done on the Jackson Street crossing. A final pay estimate in te amount of $1,500 was also approved to tie up final payments due in regards to the crossing upgrades.

The city approved a street closing on Second street from Main to Washington on Oct. 31st from 5-8 p.m. The street is closed for the Christian Church’s Trunk-or-Treat event. Previously the event was held at the church, but they decided to move it into downtown this year to provide a larger space needed to support the large crowds they have gotten the past few years.

Finally, the city approved a resolution awarding a contract to Korte Luitjohan for water treatment plant filter #1 rehabilitation. The city only received two bids on the project. Some stainless steele will be replaced on the filter housing and it will receive a new paint job.

In commissioner reports, Todd Slingerland reported that the city has hired Jared Gores. He previously worked for The Equity and he will receive a Class D license.

Commissioner Frailey reported the city has been clearing and trimming a lot of trees, especially on the frontage road, Wurl Lane, and Fairlane Circle. It was also reported that several poles north of town may need to be replaced. The city will look into it and evaluate their condition.

Commissioner Williams reported on the status of controlling water build up on Main Street. The city is looking to correct any standing water issues prior to winter. Various spots along Main Street will be patched with dirt and microsurfaced to control water, specifically in front of S&W and at the corner of Madison and Main. The city will continue patching Main between Cumberland and Monroe streets.

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