Fifth Graders Display Projects at “Native American Museum”

Colter White displayed his project and modeling Native American dress

Ava Harre shows off her group’s research of the Pawnee Native Americans.

Mrs. Lloyd’s fifth graders at Brownstown wrapped up a unit on Native Americans by displaying their group projects. Each group made a poster board with information about their tribe, including where the tribes lived, what they wore, weapons used, and more.

In addition to the poster board, the students made a model of their assigned Native American tribe’s homes which, Mrs. Lloyd noted, was the students favorite part.

They displayed their projects in a “Native American Museum” in their classroom on Oct. 12.

The tribes the students researched included: Comanche, Pawnee, Eskimos, Nez Perce Tribe, Cherokee, Wampanoag, Shoshone, Pueblo, and Iroquois.

Students also made Native American names for themselves and displayed them along with their projects.

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