Tree causes trouble for residents on Lucky Drive


With high winds blowing through town on Wednesday evening, a tree along Ninth Street snapped, dropping a large limb through the trailers owned by Tiffany and David Goers and Stan and Susan Mehl of Lucky Drive.

The high winds on the evening of Wednesday, June 14 provided a scare for two couples living near the corner of Lucky Drive and Ninth Street.

Tiffany Goers said that she was in a back room of her trailer when she heard something around 9:30 p.m. She alerted her boyfriend, David Reed, who was sitting in the living room. Suddenly, a tree branch smashed through the couple’s roof. Goers said that no one was injured, but the trailer is now uninhabitable. The living room roof is caved in and the walls of a bedroom have become detached.

Next door, Susan Mehl was asleep in her bedroom when a branch came through the roof. She and her husband, Stan, were not physically hurt, but frightened. As the rain continued to fall, the interiors of both trailers were water-soaked.

Calls to the City of Altamont and the landlord for the two properties resulted in a dispute over the clean-up responsibility, with confusion over whether the tree was on city or private property. The end result was that Goers, Reed, and the Mehls were still waiting on tree removal at Thursday mid-day.

On Friday morning, after determining the tree was on the property line, city workers began clean-up of the property.

Goers said that she reported problems with the tree to her landlord in the past, but with no action taken. Several limbs fell over the past year and the tree was showing signs of ill health.

The couples affected by the tree limb have found other living arrangements and are unsure of their futures at the location.

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